Zhao Zhang (张 钊)

I'm currently a master student at Media Computing Lab of Nankai University, supervised by Prof Ming-Ming Cheng. Before that, I received my bachelor degree at Yangzhou University. My research interest mainly focuses on low-level vision, such as salient object detection, interactive segmentation, and image enhancement.

For more information, please consult my CV. You can also find me in and .

Recent News

  • [12/2020] I am working as an intern in Tencent YouTu Lab.
  • [12/2020] One paper was accpted by TIP 2021.
  • [11/2020] I have served as a reviewer for IEEE TCSVT.
  • [08/2020] I have served as a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI).
  • [07/2020] One paper was accpted by ECCV 2020.
  • [05/2020] One paper was accpted by TNNLS 2020.
  • [04/2020] One paper was accpted by CVPR 2020.
  • [09/2019] I have joined the Media Computing Lab under the supervision of Prof. Ming-Ming Cheng!
  • [06/2019] I graduated from Yangzhou University, and received my bachelor degree.
  • [02/2018] One paper was accpted by ICASSP 2018.
  • [07/2017] Two paper were accpted by ICONIP 2017, one of which is an oral paper.


  • Internship in Computer Vision
    2021 - Now
    YouTu Lab
    CSIG, Tencent
  • M.S. in Computer Science
    2019 - Now
    Media Computing Lab (supervised by Prof Ming-Ming Cheng)
    School of Computer Science, Nankai University
  • B.S. in Computer Science
    2015 - 2019
    College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Elite College)
    School of Information Engineerin, Yangzhou University


    Bilateral Attention Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
    Zhao Zhang, Zheng Lin, Jun Xu, Wenda Jin, Shao-Ping Lu, and Deng-Ping Fan
    TIP 2021   [PDF] [Code] [bib]

    Rethinking RGB-D Salient Object Detection: Models, Data Sets, and Large-Scale Benchmarks
    Deng-Ping Fan, Zheng Lin, Zhao Zhang, Menglong Zhu, Ming-Ming Cheng
    TNNLS 2020   [PDF] [Code] [Project] [bib]

    Interactive Image Segmentation with First Click Attention
    Zheng Lin, Zhao Zhang, Lin-Zhuo Chen, Ming-Ming Cheng, Shao-Ping Lu
    CVPR 2020   [PDF] [Code] [Project] [bib]

    Low Resolution Face Recognition and Reconstruction via Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis
    Zhao Zhang Yun-Hao Yuan, Xiao-bo Shen, Yun Li
    ICASSP 2018   [PDF] [bib]

    Face Hallucination and Recognition Using Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
    Zhao Zhang Yun-Hao Yuan, Yun Li, Bin Li, Ji-Peng Qiang
    ICONIP 2017 (Oral)   [PDF] [Slides] [bib]

    Supervised Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multiview Feature Learning
    Yan Liu, Yun Li, Yun-Hao Yuan, Ji-Peng Qiang, Min Ruan, Zhao Zhang
    ICONIP 2017   [PDF] [bib]